Meet Our Veterinarian

Patrick Kalenzi, DVM

Patrick Employee Photo 1.31.18.jpg

Born in Uganda to Rwandese refugee Tutsi parents, I began life in a world of segregation, civil war, and abject poverty. Unable to return to the war-torn place of my origin at the time—and plagued by violent discrimination in my adopted country—I fought to find safe haven. As a child, the only constants were my grandfather, our cows and dogs. Because of Grandpa’s wisdom and our bond, I decided to pursue our love of animals as my profession. This is why I became a veterinarian.

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I studied Veterinary medicine at Makerere University, Uganda; one of the best universities in Africa.

I moved to America to advance my training with an internship in Kentucky and to give my family a better life.  I took the American Veterinary Association requirement tests, ECFVG/AVMA (at Mississippi State University) to get licensed in USA. I worked at Broadway Animal Hospital in Boulder for 14 years. Time has come  for me to own my practice and do things my way.